Popular and nice English names

  1. Ashley
    It means “the man from the wood ash forest”. The name Ashley gives people the impression that a very beautiful senior professional woman such as a doctor or lawyer, with high taste and moral standards, is shy but friendly.
  2. Jessica

“Wealth” in Hebrew. Most people think that Jessica is a sweet and popular girl; others think that she is a beautiful and proud rich girl; still others think that she is an unruly strong woman.

  1. Amanda

From the Latin “love”. Amanda is a lovely person. People think she is conservative, beautiful and slender, sweet and rich.

  1. Sarah

“Princess” in Hebrew. She feels conservative, sweet, not tall, and easy-going, but she has no ambitions.

  1. Brittany

It means “from England” in Latin. This name gives people the impression of being beautiful, slender, well-educated, and very good, sometimes playing a small temper and being very confident.

  1. Megan

“Great” in Old English means. Megan gives the impression of a girl like an elf. She is cute, full of vigor, lively, and loves to laugh.

  1. Jennifer

Derived from the Welsh word for “pure”, Jennifer has recently become a popular name. People think that the name Jennifer is very suitable for the cute blond cheerleader. It is popular and loved by everyone.

  1. Nicole

“Victory people” in Greek. People compare Nicole to a Chinese doll, which means a petite, beautiful young girl, sweet and romantic, but easily broken; but within that beautiful, slender appearance, it has a fortitude and independence.

  1. Stephanie

Also from Greek, it means “crown”. She represents beauty, gentleness, slenderness, thoughtfulness, careful thought, and has a very special flavor, like a fashion model.

  1. Katherine

Derived from the Greek word “pure”. Katherine is a very common name, and people have two views on this name: one is beautiful, elegant, sophisticated, in the upper class, restrained, serious, and decent; the other is an ordinary woman, friendly, popular, and educated .