Girl names丨What does your name mean?

[Female name begins with a]

Abigail, Hebrew, father is happy

Ada, England happy; beautiful

Adela, Germany noble; elegant

Adelaide, Germany noble; noble class

Afra, Hebrew dust

Agatha, Greece, kind and beautiful

Agnes, Greece, Latin, purity, elegance, chastity

Alberta, England, noble and distinguished

Alexia, Greece Help

Alice, Greece, noble, sincere (dream girl)

Alma, England, sincere and kind

Alva, Latin, fair-skinned

Amanda, Latin, worthy of love

Amelia, Latin, hardworking, laboring

Amy, France’s most beloved person, lovely

Anastasia, Greece, the one who cheered up again, resurrected? (Have you seen a movie)

Andrea, Greece. Manly, beautiful and elegant

Angela, France Angel; messenger, Angel

Ann, Hebrew graceful, merciful God

Anna, Hebrew, elegant

Annabelle, Hebrew, Latin Beautiful woman; lovely; amiable

Antonia, Latin, Greek, praiseless, respected

April, Latin Spring, when the earth first awakens (a girl born in spring)

Arlene, Celtic pledge, token

Astrid, Denmark Divine power; star

Athena, Greece. In Greek mythology, the goddess of wisdom and war, and the protector of Athens.

Audrey, French noble and prominent man

Aurora, Latin Goddess of Dawn

[Beginning with female B]

Barbara, Greece A foreigner, a foreigner; a foreigner

Beatrice, Latina girl who prays or makes people happy

Belinda, Germany, Italy, a wise and long-lived person

Bella, Latin, beautiful

Belle, France, beautiful; God’s oath; smart and noble

Bernice, Greece The man who came with the victory message

Bertha, Teutonic, smart, beautiful or brilliant

Beryl, Greece Emerald, lucky

Bess, Hebrew God is a vow

Betsy, Hebrew God is a vow

Betty, Hebrew God is a vow

Beverly, UK Creek with Beavers

Blanche, Teutonic; pure and flawless; white; white and beautiful

Bblythe, UK Carefree; happy

Bonnie, Latin sweet, beautiful, elegant and kind person

Bridget, Gaelic or Irish strong, powerful


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