beautiful girl names and meanings TOP100

Before sharing 100 common English names, let me take a look at the common English names of different styles and see if you like them.

  1. Simple English name


“Lisa” is only composed of four simple English words, which means to emphasize beauty and moving. In addition to the recent hot girl group blackpink, one member is named “lisa”, which is taken as the English name of girls, and it also means both talents. .


“Anna” looks very harmonious as a whole. “anna” is derived from Latin and is often used as a girl’s English name. Its interpretation is graceful posture, emphasizing feelings, kindness and compassion, rich in meaning and beautiful.


“Selina” is derived from ancient Greek, and it means “moon”, which means shining, bright future, beautiful and virtuous. The beauty group “she”, one of the members is named “selina”, which is taken as the girl’s English name, and it also means high singing talent.

  1. Nice English name


The pronunciation of “helen” is [ˈhɛlən], the front tone is heavy, and the back tone is light. It reads like a murmur of water, melodious. In Western Greek mythology, “helen” is often used as a female name, which means light and auspicious. In their impression, “helen” refers to a beautiful upper-class woman with virtue and high accomplishment, as a girl’s English name , Nice and generous.


“Elizabeth” reads nicely and poetically. As the name of the British royal family, “elizabeth” has noble connotations, representing nobility, elegance, mystery, charm and rich meaning.


“Ann” is pronounced “Annie”, full of femininity, and it sounds soft and beautiful. As a girl’s English name, it means integrity, kindness, honesty and trustworthiness. There is a famous actor in the United States named “Anne Hathaway”, who is extremely beautiful and outstanding. He uses “anne” as the English name, and also means both talent and appearance.

  1. Lucky English name


The pronunciation of “fay” is similar to the Chinese “Feier”. It has a sense of freedom when read, which implies a carefree and lucky meaning. The original meaning refers to little fairies and little fairies, which symbolize beautiful, cute, smart and delicate girls. It is suitable for girls as English names. The meaning is beautiful, not difficult to remember, and the font is also beautiful.


“Tyche” is derived from ancient Greek. It means “Goddess of Luck” in Greek mythology. As a girl’s English name, it has the meaning of being blessed and blessed. It also refers to the birth of a woman, elegant and mysterious. This name is very suitable for girls with English names with lucky meaning.


The Chinese translation of “victory” is “Victoria”. In the United Kingdom, “victory” refers to Queen Victoria. As an English name, it means decent and noble. In addition, “victory” originally means victory, which symbolizes excellence and good luck.

beautiful girl names and meanings top 100

Girls like to be exquisite and beautiful. Even if you choose a common English name for yourself, you still need to like it. The following is a total of 100 common English names for girls. If you don’t like the above content, you can find it from the following content Find.

[001] aimee, from French, means cute person.

[002] yolanda, violet.

[003] Katherine, beautiful and elegant.

[004] belle, a beautiful person.

[005] beata, the happiest and happiest person.

[006] Dorothy, Dorothy, a gift from God.

[007] Bernice, Bernice, brings winners and brings happiness.

[008] Lilly, Lili.

[009] jillian,

[010] stephanie, the meaning of the crown.

[011] Tiffany, the appearance of God.

[012] jennifer, derived from Welsh meaning of purity.

[013] Claire, Claire.

[014] Abby, quiet, lovely, sweet personality.

[015] aviva, the meaning of beautiful spring.

[016] Cora, girl.

[017] sue, short for susan.

[018] Allison, a beautiful and flawless woman, smart and considerate.

[019] reagan,

[020] tiffany,

[021] Megan, meaning great in Old English.

[022] sarah, the princess in Hebrew.

[023] amy, beloved.

[024] jazmin, Jazmin.

[025] Stella, the stars.

[026] alice, nobleman.

[027] Amanda, conservative, beautiful and slender, sweet and rich.

[028] Brittany, beautiful, slender, educated, and very good.

[029] autumn, autumn.

[030] Aurora, Aurora, dawn, sunrise.

[031] Mabel, Mabel, kind, lovely and beautiful.

[032] Brenda, a smart and capable businesswoman in a suit.

[033] Summer, Summer.

[034] miranda,

[035] sunny, smart, happy.

[036] ailsa, Old German, meaning happy girl.

[037] Melanie, Melanie.

[038] jessica, wealth.

[039] beatrice, the one who brings laughter.

[040] Madelyn, Madelyn.

[041] ariel, slender, beautiful, princess-like girl, smart and shy.

[042] Wendy, friendly and sweet.

[043] Tammy, Tammy, the sun god.

[044] juliana, juliana.

[045] eden, Aiden, the place of joy and happiness.

[046] eva,

[047] winnie, good meaning.

[048] Karen, Karen.

[049] crystal, clear as ice crystal, crystal, and beautiful.

[050] Tabitha, small antelope, elegant and beautiful.

[051] Teresa, is a beautiful, black-haired woman, quiet, direct, and has a very religious belief.

[052] bonnie, meaning beautiful

[053] Tammy, cute young girl, sweet and fun.

[054] Ashley, a beautiful doctor or lawyer and other senior professional women.

[055] tracy, courageous.

[056] Abigale, originally an ancient Hebrew name, means the original joy or the origin of joy.

[057] Betty, the image of a blonde girl, silly, cute, and funny.

[058] Alina, Old German, meaning noble.

[059] bonnie, beautiful, attractive, and sweet.

[060] ada, noble

[061] stephanie, the meaning of crown.

[062] Alana, domain.

[063] Zoey, the meaning of life.

[064] evelyn, life, pleasant person.

[065] tess, petite, shy, beautiful girl with long hair.

[066] beatrice, the person who brings laughter.

[067] candice, dazzling.

[068] Andrea, feminine

[069] anne, kind and elegant.

[070] vanessa, for most people is a beautiful name, slender, attractive woman.

[071] lydia, beautiful and shrewd.

[072] Amanda means a lovely person.

[073] Vivian, energetic.

[074] blanche, white, meaning purity.

[075] Becky, a cute naughty girl, pays attention to worldly things, quiet and happy.

[076] cynthia, goddess of the moon.

[077] Tina, an energetic girl.

[078] angela means angel.

[079] amber Old French, amber.

[080] daisy,

[081] kiara,

[082] christina,

[083] giselle,

[084] crystal,

[085] beverly, grass, small river with beavers.

[086] Annie, kind personality.

[087] Vicky, petite, simple and naughty girl.

[088] Nicole, a petite, beautiful young girl, sweet and romantic.

[089] Yvette, a blonde French woman, knows about human accidents.

[090] April, a beautiful girl, sweet and full of energy.

[091] angelia, angel.

[092] Ashley, a beautiful full-time woman, shy, friendly, with correct values ​​and tastes.

[093] Amanda, lovely and worthy of love.

[094] molly,

[095] fiona, white and fair.

[096] Genevieve, fair or beautiful woman.

[097] madge, pearl.

[098] sylvia, forest girl.

[099] chelsea,

[100] cheyenne,


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