Baby Names Beginning with P

Baby Girl and boy Names That Start With P, Give them a name that starts with P that will fit your new baby girl or baby boy perfectly,Baby Names starting with P. Here are your search results for Baby Names starting with P. Find the name meaning, popularity, origin,Baby Boy Names Starting with P

ParkerUnited KingdomThe man guarding the park.
PaddyIrelandA noble birth; noble.
PatrickLatinA noble birth; noble.
PayneLatinPeople from the countryside.
PercivalUnited KingdomThrough the valley,
PerryUnited KingdomPear tree.
PeteGreeceRocks, stones.
PeterGreeceRocks, stones.
PhilGreeceHorse lovers.
PhilipGreeceWarrior; militant or martial; horse lover.
PorterFranceGatekeeper or porter.
PrescottUnited KingdomThe priest’s cabin.
PrimoItalyeldest son.