Baby Names Beginning with K

English names beginning with k _ English names for boys and girls beginning with k, boys and girls, and girl names beginning with K. Many girls think of a girl’s English name beginning with K, but don’t know which words are better and have more connotations. , Can’t have bad meaning so as not to make people laugh.

KeithIrelandWind; woods.
KelseyNorwayShip Island; Victory of Naval Battle
KenScotlandA handsome leader.
KennedyIrelandThe head of the samurai refers to the leader.
KennethScotlandA handsome leader.
KentScotlandA handsome leader; a vast land.
KerrIrelandRefers to the black man with a spear.
KerwinIrelandA person with a soft eye; a friend
KevinIrelandSaint; very masculine; of good origin.
KimUnited KingdomA person born on the grass of the Royal Fort.
KingUnited Kingdomruler.
KirkGailPeople living next to the church.
KyleWellsA narrow strait; handsome