Baby Names Beginning with H

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HALEUnited KingdomHeroic glory.
HaleyIrelandScientific; creative.
HamiltionFrance or NormandyA small village on the hill; a bare hill.
HardyGermanyA man of brave and noble personality.
HarlanTeutonicFrom a cold country.
HarleyUnited KingdomThere are grasslands or groves of hares everywhere.
HaroldUnited KingdomLeader; fighting bravely.
HarrietUnited KingdomWar, soldier.
HarryMedieval englandWar, soldier.
HarveyFranceBitter; progressive or prosperous.
HaydenTeutonicFrom a small town surrounded by hedges.
HeatherUnited KingdomFlowering heather.
HenryTeutonicOne who manages a family; a family ruler.
HerbertGermanyFamous or brilliant warrior.
HermanGermanySoldier; manly.
HiramHebrewNoble status; noble.
HobartGermanyThe light pavilion in the heart.
HoganIrelandForever young.
HuberyFranceBright personality; brilliant thinking.
HughGermanyReason; intelligence; soul.
HugoLatinReason; intelligence; soul.
HumbertTeutonicThe famous warrior.
HumphreyTeutonicPeace supporter.
HunterUnited KingdomPeople who are proud of hunting.