unique baby boy names Q – Z

Quentin France 5th and 5th day

Quincy Latin fifth

Quinn Latin fifth

Quintion Latin fifth, fifth descendant

Rachel Hebrew Ewe

Ralap UK Wolf’s advice or wolf’s wisdom

Randolph UK Wolf’s advice or wolf’s wisdom

Raymond Germany Strong protecr or advisor, protecr

Reg German Emperor’s; King

Regan Irish Emperor; King

Reginald Germany strong leader

Reuben a son of Greece;

Rex Latin King

Richard Germany brave, bold

Robert Teunic’s brilliant reputation

Robin Teunic brilliant reputation, Robin

Rock United Kingdom Rock, a very strong man? (WWF wrestler)

Rod British road servicer; well-known

Roderick Britain is very famous; very famous leader

Rodney British road serviceman; famous servant

Ron Teunic, a powerful leader

Ronald Teunic strong and powerful leader

Rory Celtic Ruddy, healthy man

Roy King of England

Rudolf Teunic Wolf

Rupert Teunic brilliant reputation

Ryan Ireland, a promising king

Sam Hebrew Name of God

Sampson Hebrew High wisdom and power, the sun? (The guy who killed his wife and found innocence)

Samuel Hebrew Name of God

Sandy Latin Defender of Humanity

Saxon Britain, the sword bearer who conquered others? (famous barbaric nation)

Scott British Scottish, Irish

Sean Ireland God’s merciful gift

Sebastian Greece respected and solemn

Sid United Kingdom from Sidon City of Finiki

Sidney United Kingdom from Sidon City of Finiki

Simon Hebrew Lingde, flat nose

Solomon Hebrew peace, peace

Spencer UK shopkeeper; governor, administrar

Stan United Kingdom Grassland, pasture

Stanford, UK from the rocky Jinbo

Stanley United Kingdom Grassland, pasture

Steven Latin, Greek Crown, Corolla

Steward British guardian or manager

Tab Teunic excellence, wisdom

Taylor UK Tailor

Ted Ancient England The rich guardian

Ternence Latin A gentle, steady or gentle person; a wer

Theobald latin brave god

Theodore Greek God’s gift or God’s gift

Thomas England, Latin God of the Sun; a pair of twins

Tiffany France shows the sacred image of God

Tim Greece worship or fear God

by Greece God is my god? (Alice’s dog is also called this name)

dd British fox; refers a clever and cunning person

m England, Latin twins;

ny Latin. It is praiseworthy and respected.

Tracy, UK Market Path, Harvest

Troy France People who live among people with curly hair

Truman UK, a very loyal person

Tyler British roofer, brick maker

Tyrone Greek Lord or Ruler

Ulysses Greece, wise and brave, and hater (tragic hero of Greek mythology)

Upn United Kingdom People from the front of wn

Uriah Hebrew Jesus is the place of light

Valentine Latin A healthy person or a strong person

Valentine British valuable and strong

Verne Latin lush

Vic Latin Vicr, Conqueror

Vicr Latin Vicr, Conqueror

Vincent Latin conquered.

Virgil Latin Spring, creatures are thriving

Vi Latin is very lively and vigorous

Vivian latin active

Wade British Wanderers

Walker United Kingdom People walking in the woods

Walter Ancient Germany, France Refers a person who leads an army, or a powerful soldier

Ward Britain defend, guardian? (dream

Warner Germany, the man who resisted aggression

Wayne Britain. The man who built the carriage, the four-wheeled carriage.

Webb British Weaver

Webster British Weaver

Wendell Teunic Wanderer

Werner Germany Guarding the country and defending the country, defending against invaders

Wilbur, England, a brilliant city with many willows

Will France A strong warrior or protecr

William Germany, France A strong fighter or defender

Willie Germany Strong warrior or defender

Wilson Shanghai, a good dad who makes a paste

Winfred Wells White waves; peaceful friends

Winsn United Kingdom From a friend’s wn or residence, sne

Woodrow, Norway, the people living in the hut

Wordsworth UK People walking in the woods

Wright British Lumberjack

Xavier Spain The owner of the new house, brilliant

Yale Ancient Britain from the frontier

Yehudi Hebrew people who worship God

York British wild boar

Yves French patron saint of law

Zachary Hebrew The man whom God desires

Zebulon Hebrew residence, residence

Zero Latin. Needless say, you know


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