Nordic minority girls English name recommendation

Today, I would like to recommend some English names for niche girls in Northern Europe in 2020, so that you can have a preliminary understanding and understanding of such English names, and hope that you can get some inspiration from them.


“Viola” refers to violet in Latin, and the flower language means “chase happiness, grasp happiness, eternal beauty”. This flower is very popular in Northern Europe, especially by girls. Therefore, “viola” is suitable as a girl’s English name. It has rich and beautiful connotations, and is relatively rare and niche.


“Gerta” gives the impression of being relaxed and clear, derived from Latin, meaning “pure white and flawless pearl”. Using it to name girls is not only in line with the 2020 Nordic niche English name search, but also means girls are pure and kind, pure and beautiful.


The name “ingrid” is relatively rare in 2020, and it belongs to the English name of Nordic niche girls. “Ingrid” is derived from the Scandinavian language. It is a combination of the Germanic god’s name “ing” and the beautiful “fríðr”, which means being helpful, loving nature and beautiful things.


“Yvette” is also derived from the Scandinavian language. It is not common in the English names of Nordic girls in 2020 and is relatively small. Its original meaning refers to the archer, which is used as the English name of the girl, which can be extended to be smart and brave, beautiful and kind, motivated and leadership.


The original meaning of “rabia” refers to “early spring crops”, which is used as the English name of girls, giving people a sense of vitality, freshness and nature. And this name is derived from Arabic and African languages. It is not common in Northern Europe in 2020, so it is a relatively small English name for girls.

“Frida” is a version of “elfrida”, so choose “frida” as the girl’s English name, which is relatively rare and fits the 2020 Nordic minority English name search. Its original meaning means “elves, peace, and noble lady”, which is rich and beautiful.




































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