Girl names from L to P

Laura Latin Laurel; Vicry

Laurel Latin laurel; vicry

Lauren latin laurel

Lee United Kingdom A resident of grassland; a shelter

Leila Arabian beautiful woman with black hair; born at night

Lena Latin Boarding; Residence

Leona latin lion

Lesley Gal from the old guard

Letitia Latin, Spain happy; delighted

Lilith Hebrew belongs the night

Lillian Greece A lily flower represents purity; God’s oath

Linda Spain beautiful people

Lindsay Teunic Lindsay from the sea

Lisa Hebrew Dedication God

Liz Hebrew God is the vow

Lorraine France People from the small wn of Lorraine, France

Louise Teunic famous warrior

Lucy Latin, the man who brings light and wisdom

Lydia British man from Lydia, wealth

Lynn England, people living by the lake

Mabel Latin, gentle person, kind and kind person

Madeline Greece great and noble; wer castle

Madge Latin Pearl

Maggie Latin Pearl

Mamie The bitterness of Hebrew resistance; the daughter of the sea

Mandy latin worthy of love

Marcia Latin Goddess of War

Marguerite Greek Pearl

Maria Hebrew grief, bitterness

Marian Hebrew, Latin who want children; elegant

Marina Latin belongs the ocean

Marjorie French Pearl

Martha Alam Housewife

Martina Latin God of War

Mary the bitterness of Hebrew resistance; the daughter of the sea

Maud German strong; power

Maureen Gale Little Mary

Mavis Celtic The song of a thrush; happy

Maxine Latin Queen

Mag Latin Pearl

May Latin

Megan Greece great, strong and capable man

Melissa Greece Honey

Meroy British compassion; sympathy; kindness

Merry UK full of fun and laughter

Michelle Hebrew aster flower

Michaelia Hebrew Godlike

Mignon France is meticulous and elegant

Mildred United Kingdom Gentle consultant; gentle, kind

Mirabelle Spain is very beautiful

Miranda Latin, an admirable or respectable person

Miriam Hebrew sorrow; the ocean of misery

Modesty Latin Modesty

Moira Greece Destiny

Molly The bitterness of Hebrew resistance; Daughter of the Sea

Mona Greece alone; noble; unique, unique; wasteland

Monica Latin Consultant

Muriel Hebrew grief, bitterness; light

Myra Latin. An impressive person, a very good person

Myrna Celtic polite

Nancy Hebrew Elegant, gentle; babysitter

Natalie France was born on Christmas Day

Natividad Spain born on Christmas

Nelly Xili, Latin rch

Nicola Greece vicry

Nicole Greece winner

Nina Latina powerful; granddaughter

Nora Latin The ninth child.

Norma, a decent person, can be a fan

Novia Latin newcomer

Nydia Latin A man from a retreat

Octavia Latin eighth child

Odelette France sound like music

Odelia France Petite; rich

Olga Russia sacred; peace

Olive Latin peacemaker; olive

Olivia Latin Peacemaker; olive tree??

Ophelia Greece helper; helper; snake

Pag Latin Pearl

Page Greece kids

Pamela Britain, Greece. Distressed, mischievous kid

Pandora France, the first woman in the world

Patricia Latina noble birth

Paula Latin is a metaphor for the petite and exquisite

Pearl Latin like a pearl

Penelope Greek weaver; silent weaver

Penny Greece The Silent Weaver

Phoebe Greece, a thing that shines, a prominent person, the goddess of the moon

Phoenix Greece young woman

Phyllis Greece twigs, small petals, green twigs

Polly the bitterness of Hebrew resistance; daughter of the sea

Poppy latin cute flowers

Prima Latin eldest daughter

Prudence Latina wise and visionary; cautious


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