Boy names with meaning H-P

Hale British heroic glory

Haley Ireland Scientific; creative

Hamiltion A small village on a mountain in France or Normandy; a bare mountain.

Hardy Germany A brave, noble person

Harlan Teunic from a cold country

Harley, England, there are grasslands or groves with hares everywhere

Harold British leader; fighting bravely

Harry Medieval England War, soldier

Harvey France Bitter; progressive or flourishing

Hayden Teunic from a small wn surrounded by hedges

Henry Teunic person who manages the family; family ruler.

Herbert German famous or brilliant warrior

Herman German soldier; man

Hilary latin happy

Hiram Hebrew with a high status

Hobart Germany The light in the heart

Hogan Ireland forever young

Horace latin teacher

Howar Teunic Watcher

Hubery France has a bright personality

Hugh Germany Reason; Intelligence

Hugo Latin Reason; Intelligence

Humphrey Teunic Peace Supporter

Hunter United Kingdom A person who is proud of hunting

Hyman Hebrew Life

Ian Scotland A man who reflects the glory of God

Ingemar Teunic descendants

Ingram United Kingdom Refers the son of a big bird, a symbol of wisdom

Ira Hebrew People with high alertness

Isaac Hebrew Laughter

Isidore, a gift from the Greek goddess Ess

Ivan Russia God’s merciful gift

Ives British finger swordsman

Jack Hebrew God’s merciful gift?

Jacob Hebrew Replacement; Follower

James Latin replaced???

Jared Hebrew family background, descent, birth

Jason Greece A man who heals wounds; a man with a wealth of knowledge

Jay France The beauty of bluebirds

Jeff France Sacred Peace

Jeffrey France Holy Peace

Jeremy Hebrew, the sublime of God

Jerome Latin holy name

Jerry Latin holy name

Jesse Hebrew God’s gift; God is in

Jim Latin replaced

Jo Hebrew God will give

John Hebrew God’s merciful grace

Jonas Hebrew Peace Dove

Jonathan Hebrew God-given

Joseph Hebrew, God will give it again

Joshua Hebrew God rescued

Joyce Latin

Julian Greece has soft hair and also represents young people

Julius Greece hair is soft and shaggy

Justin latin honest

Keith Ireland wind; woods

Kelly Celtic Warrior

Ken Scotland a handsome leader

Kennedy, Ireland. The head of the samurai, referring the leader?

Kenneth Scotland a handsome leader

Kent Scotland handsome leader; vast land

Kerr Ireland refers the black man with a spear

Kerwin Ireland A man with soft eyes; a friend

Kevin Irish saint; very masculine; from a good background

Kim, England, a man born on the grass of the Royal Fort

King British Ruler

Kirk, the man who lives next the church

Kyle Wells a narrow channel; handsome

Lambert, Germany, a clever cure; bright

Lance France land; people waiting for others

Larry Latin Laurel

Lawrence Latin Laurel?

Leif Norway popular lover

Len Teunic Lion

Lennon Ireland. Very thin man in a hat and cape

Leo Greek Lion; Warrior

Leonard Teunic as strong as a lion

Leopold Germany patriotic

Les Celtic from the ancient fortress

Lester British camp; prominent man

Levi Hebrew is uniting gether

Lewis France is famous on the battlefield

Lionel France, like a lion

Lou France is famous on the battlefield

Louis France is famous on the battlefield

Lucien Latin light, truth

Luther Germany Outstanding Warrior

Lyndon Teunic lives in a place with linden trees

Lynn United Kingdom Living by the Lake

Magee Ireland irritable person

Malcolm Scotland means the preacher

Mandel Germany refers people with almond eyes

Marcus Rome refers an aggressive person

Marico Latin. A militant person; a hard fight.

Mark Latin refers aggressive people

Marlon France means someone who looks like a kitty or falcon

Marsh France from a lush area

Marshall: The man who guards the horse, the follower of the king

Martin Latin militant, martial

Marvin British friend

Matt Hebrew gift from God

Matthew Hebrew gift from God

Maurice Latin dark-skinned; Moorish

Max Latin the greatest

Maxwell United Kingdom A man who is influential and worthy of respect?

Meredith Wells Protecr of the Sea

Merle France A thrush bird; French people use this name refer those who love sing or whistle

Merlin, United Kingdom, a fortress by the sea or a hill by the sea

Michael Hebrew, a man like God

Michell England, like God’s work and nobility

Mick Hebrew, a man like God

Mike Hebrew, a man like God

Miles German, Latin, Greek warrior; millsne; benevolent

Milo: The man who raised the wnspeople; a warrior.

Monroe Celtic Red Marsh

Montague Latin

Moore France, dark and handsome appearance

Morgan Wells refers people who live by the sea

Mortimer France, people living next a quiet lake

Morn, a village in the wilderness

Moses Hebrew A person who saves people from the sea; a child

Murphy Ireland refers those who defend Haiqiang

Murray Celtic Sailor

Myron Greece aromatic; sweet, aromatic

Nat Hebrew Gift

Nathan Hebrew giver

Nathaniel Hebrew gift from God

Neil Britain brave man; leader; winner, champion

Nelson British son

Newman United Kingdom, a popular foreigner

Nicholas Greece Vicr

Nick Greece Vicr

Nigel Latin Black Haired Man

Noah Hebrew calm, still, or peaceful

Noel Latin Birthday; Christmas?

Norman France Nordic, Scandinavian

Norn UK

Ogden, UK from the Xiangshu Valley

Oliver Latin Peaceful Man

Omar Arab eldest son, taught by the prophet

Orville France from gold

Osborn, England, the holy warrior, the blessed man

Oscar Teunic Sacred Spear?

Oswald England sacred and powerful

Otis Greece has a sharp hearing

Ot Germany rich

Owen Latin, Wells, a noble, young warrior

Page Greece kids

Parker United Kingdom

Paddy Ireland Noble birth; noble

Patrick Latina noble birth; nobleman

Paul Latin refers a small and small person

Payne Latina man from the country


Pete Greece Rocks, snes

Peter Greece Rocks, snes

Phil Greece horse lover.

Philip Greek warrior; militant or martial; horse lover

Porter France Janir or porter

Primo Italy eldest son


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