Boy name C-G

Caesar Latin Emperor

Calvin Latin. Bald?

Carey Wells, the man who lives in the castle

Carl Germany the great man

Carr Norway People who live in the swamp

Carter United Kingdom

Cash Latin, vanity admirer, cash

Cecil latin hazy vision

Cedric Celtic war commander; generous

Chad British experienced fighter

Channing French priest

Chapman British merchant; hawker

Charles Latin-Teunic strong, male, noble heart, strong

Chasel Ancient France Hunter

Chester Rome wn

Christ Hebrew Christ

Christian Greece Followers and believers of Christ

Chrispher Greece A messenger or servant of Christ, meaning a Christian

Clare Latin, clear-headed

Clarence Latin clear mind; clever; famous

Clark Latin and the United Kingdom A scholar

Claude Latin Lame

Clement Latin, kind and kind person

Cleveland United Kingdom People from the Rocks

Cliff United Kingdom A man from a steep mountain

Clyde Wells can hear it from far away

Colbert British crew

Colby, Norway, a man from a dark place

Colin Gale child or baby

Conrad Teunic Helper, Wisdom; Menr

Corey Scotland People who live by the lake

Cornelius Latin Horn of the Sun; Symbol of Kingship

Cornell France Blonde Haired Man

Curitis French polite

Cyril Greek noble

Dana Britain is as pure and radiant as the sun

Daniel Hebrew God is my adjudicar

Darcy France refers people from the big castle, black

Darnell Hebrew God is my adjudicar

Darren, Ireland, a person with the potential of Chengda career

Dave Hebrew loved one

David Hebrew loved one

Dean United Kingdom Valley; school leader; church leader

Dempsey Gal, a proud and powerful man

Dennis the Greek God of Bacchus

Derrick ruler of the German nation

Devin Ireland means poet or scholar

Dick Germany. Brave, bold?

Dominic Latin belongs God

Don Celtic World Leader

Donahue Ireland Rufous Warrior

Donald Celtic World Leader; Chief

Douglas Gael A man from the Black Sea; dark gray

Drew Wells, a smart and honest man

Duke Latin Duke; leader

Duncan Gaelic brown warrior; tanned warrior

Dunn UK means people with dark skin

Dwight Teunic White or blond person

Dylan Wells Ocean; God of Waves

Earl Britain, a noble leader with keen wisdom

Ed England, a wealthy guardian

Eden Hebrew Garden of Eden, light and happiness

Edgar British Happy Warrior

Edmund United Kingdom wealthy protecr

Edison UK A person who enriches himself by taking care of others

Edward United Kingdom, a wealthy property guardian

Edwiin United Kingdom rich friend; valuable friend

Egbert Teunic, very talented, prominent

Eli Hebrew great, outstanding

Elijah Hebrew Jehovah is God

Elliot, Hebrew, France, a pious person who believes in God

Ellis Hebrew God is the Savior

Elmer British noble or famous

Elroy latin royal, king

Eln United Kingdom Old Farm

Elvis Teunic noble; friend?

Emmanuel Hebrew God is with us

Enoch Greece, Hebrew pious

Eric Scandinavia leader

Ernest Germany An enthusiastic, true or sincere person

Eugene Greek and Latin have noble blood

Evan Celtic, a famous man

Everley UK refers the field where wild boars fight

Fabian Roman Bean Growers

Felix Latin happy or lucky

Ferdinand Teunic travel, adventurous; seeking peace

Fitch British blonde

Ford the british river ferry?

Francis Latin free man, unfettered man

Frank France free man

Franklin Latin or German free man

Frederic Germany A ruler led by peace; powerful and wealthy

Gabriel Hebrew God’s male servant; God’s power is very powerful

Gale Ireland singing; stranger

Gary Teunic Man with Spear; Hound

Gavin Ireland The Eagle of War, Eagle of Vicry

Gene Greece, Latin has noble blood

Geoffrey France Divine Peace

George Greek Farmer

Gerald Teunic Brave Warrior

Gilbert Teunic Oath; Hostage

Giles Greece Shield Bearer

Glenn Celtic narrow valley

Godfery France God of Peace

Gordon British hero; strong man

Greg Greece The Watchful Man

Gregary Greece The Watchful Man

Griffith Wells A powerful person who protects his homeland; rosy

Grover United Kingdom People who live in a grove

Gustave Germany or Sweden war

Guy British leader; wise

【Female 】

Camille Latin, a noble woman of good character

Candice Latin passionate, frank, pure

Cara Italy friend; dear

Carol France, singing, sweet and cheerful song

Caroline Teunic, brave, robust and strong

Catherine Greece Pure Man

Cathy Greece Pure Man

Cecilia Latin people with poor eyesight, blind

Celeste Latin, the happiest person, of heaven

Charlotte France strong and feminine

Cherry France, a kind, rosy person like a cherry

Cheryl France, the cherished person

Chloe Greece youthful, beautiful

Christine Greece Followers and disciples of Christ

Claire Latin brilliant; bright; clever

Clara Latin bright; clever

Constance Latin, a firm and faithful man

Cora Greece Virgin; Girl

Coral Greece, France Coral or gift, colorful sne

Cornelia greece dogwood tree

Crystal Greece crystal clear ice, transparent soul, no deception

Cynthia Greece, the title of the moon goddess Diana

Daisy British Daisy

Dale United Kingdom A person who lives in a valley between hills

Dana Hebrew A person from Denmark; the mother of God; intelligent and pure

Daphne Greek mythology Laurel; Laurel Crown (Apollo’s favorite)

Darlene United Kingdom gentle and lovely; loving tenderly

Dawn United Kingdom Dawn, wake up, cheer up

Debby Hebrew Bee; Queen Bee

Deborah Hebrew Bee; Queen Bee

Deirdre Gale sad

Delia Greek Shepherdess

Denise Greece representative flower

Diana Latin Bright as a white painting; Goddess of the Moon

Dinah, Hebrew, the judged man, Jacob’s daughter

Dolores latin sadness, pain or regret

Dominic Latin belongs God

Donna Latina lady, lady, lady

Dora Greek God’s Gift

Doreen gift from the Greek god

Doris Greece From the sea; goddess of the sea

Dorothy Greece God’s Gift

Eartha Earth or soil; analogy of a person who is as sic as the earth

Eden Hebrew, a paradise in the Bible, a place of joy

Edith Ancient Britain Fighting; War

Edwina United Kingdom Valuable friend; gainer of property

Eileen Gail, bright, likable

Elaine France Bright; young deer

Eleanore France bright; prolific, fertile, and harvestable

Elizabeth Hebrew God’s Oath

Ella Teunic rch

Elma Greece, loving person, kind

Elsa Greece honest

Elsie Hebrew, Greece God’s Oath, Honest

Elva Scandinavia magical and intelligent

Elvira Latin Elf, Caucasian

Emily Teunic, Latin Diligent; a man with a loud and round voice

Emma Teunic Ancesr

Enid Celtic, so pure and flawless

Erica Teunic Powerful; Emperor; Ruler

Erin Gael Emerald set in the sea; peace, the source of tranquility

Esther Hebrew Star

Ethel British noble; noble birth

Eudora Greece Lovely gift, beautiful and pleasant

Eunice Greece happy vicry

Evangeline Greece Gospel messenger, gospel; angel

Eve Hebrew life; the mother of life who gives life

Evelyn Celtic life; easy get along with; pleasant person

Faithe Latin, a faithful person

Fanny France free man

Fay French Loyalty or loyalty; little fairy

Flora Latin flower; the god of flowers

Florence Celtic Flowering or beautiful

Frances Free man, free man

Freda Germany peace; leader

Frederica Teunic leader of peace


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