Boy English names and the meanings

Different English names also have different meanings, So what are their meanings.


It contains a respected and affirmed meaning, and it also has a sense of power when it is read. Under certain circumstances, it also refers specifically to the rulers of the Eastern Roman Empire in history. In addition, the name also has the beautiful meaning of being smart, sensitive, and civilized. It has strong thinking ability, is good at management, loves life, loves nature and all beautiful things. The editor thinks that such a name seems to have a sense of justice, whether it is transliterated or the English itself reads very well.


A famous yacht brand in the world has always used this name, and it has many beautiful meanings. It not only means having good luck and excellent talents, but also means being smart, quick-thinking, and aggressive. In addition, it also symbolizes excellence. His leadership, creativity, judgment and practical ability, love freedom, and are not restricted. It also sounds very domineering, very suitable for men who have masculinity.


The name is not only simple, easy to write and easy to remember, but also has a very beautiful meaning. Its meaning is a gift from God. It implies honesty, reliability, diligence, and love to think. No matter what you do, it is a serious and responsible attitude and high efficiency. My own ideas are not swayed by others, and I like an independent and free life and a peaceful and stable environment. Gives people a sense of stability.


It implies rich imagination, strong creativity and insight, good at singing and dancing, likes to pursue challenging things, hates the unchanging life, hates to rely on others, has confidence in oneself and the future, has generosity and understanding Excellent quality with patience, and the pursuit of progress. It is a good name for men, it sounds nice and easy to write.

aaron: a lofty mountain; inspired by God

baron: brave warrior; noble; baron

hardy: brave, noble person

harold: leader; fighting bravely

ingram: refers to the son of a big bird, a symbol of intelligence

antonio: worthy of praise and respect

bennett: the blessed person

august: sacred, revered, or high-status person; August

edgar: happy warrior

dick: brave, bold

eden: Garden of Eden, light and happiness

godfery: the god of peace

justin: honest

moore: dark and handsome appearance

noah: calm, still, or peaceful

frank: free man

hubery; bright personality; brilliant thinking.

hugo: reason; intelligence; soul

ivan: God’s kind gift.

joyce: joyful

kenneth: A handsome leader.

lionel: like a lion

nathan: Donor of

omar: eldest son, taught by the prophet

oswald: sacred and powerful

robert: brilliant reputation


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