Baby Names Starting with H

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HaroonThe name Haroon means ‘hope’ in Sanskrit. It also stands for ‘protector or chief’ in Arabic.
HarshilA bringer of joy
HaipriyaOne loved by Lord Vishnu
HeemakarA name with lost meaning of Hindi origin
HimiA man who is renowned and famous
HarishLord shiva; lord krishna
HadiOne that guides towards the right or righteous
HameenIntimate Friend, closed friend
HrikThe name of Sanskrit origin means ‘praise’.
HarshavardhanCreator of joy
Harlenhare land
Haviskrtapreparing the oblation
HaarikrishnnaBorn by the Grace of God
HazzPleasure Delight Luck Good Fortune
HarshadOne who showers joy
HamimClose Friend, Devoted Friend
HitarthWell wisher
HimkiranA male, Boy’s name of Hindu origin
HiravGreenery; The Lush Greenery on the Surface of the Earth
Harshaljoyful, glad
Hariscandrawith golden splendour, full of patience, merciful as the moon
HabbieA per name from Hab, that is a variant of Robert
HabeebSweetheart, beloved, dearest
HirelOne who comes from the heathers field
HarshvardhanOne who increases joy
HazlaqatSkilful person, one known for his dexterity
Haridasvathe 10 incarnations of visnu, another name for the sun
HayubTo be feared, venerable, Respected
HobardBright; High; Shining Intellect
HanshalSwan like
HaythamYoung eagle
HareshLord krishna
HeregeardA strong spearman
HiteshLord of goodness
HemangLord vishnu
Hazimjudicious, Firm, energetic
HesperEvening Star
HakeshLord of sound
HealhtunFrom the hill slope estate
Hingulaauspicious, sacred
HamantWinter or coolness
HurlA forceful throw
Hetiflame, another name for agni
HazirNinth Month Of The Syrian Calender, Month Of July
HemakeshLord shiva
HimaneeshLord Shiva
HemishLord of the earth
HackitThe names of Scottish Personels
HarreyResembling a lion
HadenBasically Abdul Muzanni was a narrator of Hadith.
Harsavardhanaone who increases joy
HirenLord of the diamonds
HazraA man who is a prophet
HansraajKing of swans
HariaksaLord shiva
Harsalhappiness” in Sanskrit 7th-century emperor of northern India
HansinThe universal soul
HaricharanFeet of the lord
Halvorprotector of the Rock; Rock warden
HiranjanThe one who delights his parents.
HarishankarLord shiva
HaltonFrom the Hill-slope Estate
HemGold; lord buddha
Haritahorse of the sun, pale red, couch grass
HaryResembling a lion
HritikName of a sage
Harilalason of visnu
HimadyutiOf Cool Radiance; The Moon
HimavanaKing of Himalaya
HarindraA tree
HiranshA part of diamond.
HansarajKing of a swan
HarendraLord shiva
HamdhanPraising, Admiring
HarivanshBelonging to the family of hari
HaraksaOne who worships Lord Shiva
Haryasvawith bay horses, a solar dynasty king of ayodhya
Herakaspy, an attendant of siva
HamathaIt means a mighty and strong fortress
HobbsSon of Robert
Hosangto be one’s own self
HarindranathLord of hari
Heinehome boss, Home leader
Hereforda breed of hardy red-coated beef cattle
HariprasadBlessed by lord krishna
HamdiCommendable, Of Praise
HemangaGolden coloured
Harivansaof the family of visnu
HerefridAn army that brngs peace
HimnishHindu devta Lord Shiva
HamilCarrier, Bearer
Haryaksayellow eyed, the zodiac sign of leo, another name for kubera
HimmiAn Arrabic male name
HarinakshLord shiva
HimgiriName of a Hill
HariharanBorn of Hari (Lord Vishnu) and Hara (Lord Shiva)
HartajThe crown of God.
HareendraLord shiva
HameedFriend, Praising God
Hastahand, a constellation
HayyAlive, having life
HurlbartA strenght of the army
HarmanMan in the army
HrithikFrom the heart
HarshdeepHappiness with glow
HajiBorn during the hajj
HuraysHe who is like a little cultivator
HajayAn invincible person, another version of Ajay
HariOm saluting brahma, vishnu, shiva
HalsyFrom Hal’s isle
Hemanathalord of gold, another name for siva
Hemanyagold bodied
Harijathe horizon
HarlowArmy, Rock, A place name
HariharShiva and vishnu together
Hastimallawith strong hands, another name for airavata
HeatherFrom the flowering bushes
HruthikName of an Old Sage, Lord of Heart
HridayThe heart
HeroldBrave Fighter
HrydayeshLord of Hearts
HarName of shiva
HamidiTo Be Commended, Praise
HarnoopThe beautiful person of God.
HarrisA surname derive from Harry
Harsitafull of joy
Hasarathaa chariot that delights
HimatStrong; Brave
Hrsikesacontrolling the senses
HamendraA determined, courageous person
HareshwarThe name is a combination of the Gods Vishnu and Shiva
HanashAn Islamic hadith was narrated by him
Himansucool rayed
HealfdeneHalf Dane
HariomLord vishnu
HasanthOne Who Delights
HanumanMonkey god
HamdevLord of Gold
HarikeshLord Krishna
HnaefOne who strikes or hews
HemachandraGolden moon
Hansaswan, the supreme soul, a pure person
HoodThe Biblical Hud is the English Language Equivalent; A Prophet
HridyanshuLight from heart, moon
HimanishLord shiva
HamdPraising, Commendation of God
HaridevHe who values the love of God
Hamiltonmutilated, crooked and dun, hill
HuntingdenA person from the hunting farm
HalvardRock Defender; Guardian of the Rock
HuntarAn occupational name, one who hunts
HaarshSymbol of happiness
HimayatHelp; Protection; Guardianship; Support
HobbardHigh; Bright
HarvardA guard in the army
HannGift from God
HimilCold Wind
HemantThe Sanskrit name means ‘gold’,’cold or wintry’. Sanskrit word Hemant is the name of the cold season or winter in India.
HamaVerily; Truly; Shower; Rain
HardhikThe affectionate one
Haidimbason of hidimba, another name for ghatotkaca
HamazanWalking on the ground and making Footmarks
HananCompassion, sympathy, love
Hemacandragolden moon, a celebrated jaina scholar
Hiuheart, mind, spirit
HridhaanThe name of Arabic origin means ‘a person with a big heart’ .
HimavataThe Himalaya Mountains
HavishLord shiva
HiranyakName of a Maharishi
HanishOne who warns you from dangers
HallwellLives pass by Holy Spring
HrehaanThe name is a variation of the Arabic word Rehan, meaning ‘God’s chosen one’.
HermanSoldier, Army Personal