Baby Names starting with C

Baby Names starting with C, Baby Names Starting with Letter C, A name beginning with C suggests someone who has strong instincts and courage, Boy Names Starting with C, Christian boy names, girl names and unisex names starting with letter ‘C‘, hundreds of cute baby girl names starting with C,  Popular Baby Girl Names That Begin With C, most popular first names starting with the letter C.

Cakravartinpowerful, renowned, emperor
CakravatAn Emperor of the Discus
ChinmayaEmbodied with knowledge
Cittaranjanapleasing the mind, charming, loving
ChandrpeedName of great Lord Shiva;
ChitrakA painter
Citravajaowning wonderful riches
Cittathought, intellect, reason
ChahelGood cheer
ChandermohanBeautiful and serene Moon
ChellakilliA lovely Parrot
CarshavardhanA man who creates joy
ChagalaA popular sage; a Goat
ChandrasenName of majestic and powerful God Shiva
CitakaSomething that is worn on the neck; an ornament
ChinmayThe supreme being
ChiranjeeveeEternal life
ChabilaA splendid, young and charismatic individual
ChaturvediOne who knows the Vedas
ChitnirmalThe one having a pure heart
ChitrakshaKaurava; hundred in number
CadrasvaA Hindi name for Boys
ChandradattGift given by Moon
CikuraMountain, an elevation on the earth’s surface; is also anoth…
ChaaruchandraBeautilful moon
CalapatiOne who is the Lord of moving
ChandrabhanaThe beautiful and enchanting Moon
ChhatrapalA friend of friends; warden
ChitraketuAn Emperor
CunandaA learner
CamasTo go in circle
ChandanwantA cheerful and friendly individual
ChinuChinu, means ‘small one’
ChanchalpreetLovely and active individual
ChakradhwajA mark of wheel
Chavillakaraof handsome appearance
CheralathanA Chera King
CirayuOne who has a long life to live; long-living person
ChalapathiAn inspirational character
CarudesnaHe was a beautiful gift to world
CaruguptaHe is protected by beauty
ChidanandaThe one with biggest soul
ChivukulaA talented. clever minded and sensitive being
CitryaBrilliant, sparkling
CaksusaOne who is clairvoyant
ChaaruhaasWith beautiful smile
CaksusaOne who is clairvoyant
CamarvalaOne with fine hair
ChakorA bird; Shining Moon
Chandra BhanThe charming Moon
ChandraayanEnchanting Moon
ChidaakaashAnother name of Lord Brahma
ChakorA bird that loves the moon
ChandrashekaraThe one wearing Moon as crown
CheramaanA King; interesting personality master
ChandMoon that shines
ChandreshKing of the moon
Caruagreeable, charming, beautiful
ChhandakThe one who drives Chariot of Lord Buddha
CakrabhrtAnother name for Lord Vishnu
Carvakasweet tongued
ChalasaniA self-satisfied, risk-friendly person
ChakradharName of lord vishnu
ChinchanA character’s name
ChitatamAware of the Spirit
CitraketuOwner of a beautiful banner, that is, a strip of cloth beari…
ChatreshLord shiva
CharukesaA compassionate, loving and responsible being
ChittaranjanJoy or happiness of inner mind
CitayuOne who is born intelligent; the intelligent one
ChandrashekarLord shiva
Caityathe individual soul
ChyeneThe name of a river and a city
CiksuraOne who gives or inflicts pain to fellow human beings
CaturasvaIt means a horse owner
CetakaThey are thoughtful, creative and easy going
ChitrarthA man with ability same as of sun
ChathurThe one who is sharp intelligent
CakravanaOne who has the Cakra, also he who worshipps Vishnu
ChatreshA God
ChaarvikOne for all
CanakyaOne who is a great scholar
CandrajaHe who was born of the Moon
ChophelFlourishing dharma
CoshelDerived from the name of a famous Indian saint, who was cons…
CharanThe word Charan is of Sanskrit origin meaning ‘foot’,’support’ and ‘good conduct’.
CakravalaA circle of leaders
CariappaGood natured personality, a person who is dark
CahaOne with charms, a desired man
CheranadanA Chera King
CalaEver moving, another name for the supreme being
ChandrachurAnother name of Lord Shiva
Cheliyanprosperous, rich, resourceful
CidvilasaOne who has immense knowledge in illusion
CitrasilaA Hindi Boy name
ChetanConsciousness, life
Carubhadraan auspicious person, a handsome gentleman
ChakrapaniHolder of discus
ChatresaLord Shiva; the one who protects
Cittaharinone who captures the heart
ChaanakyaName of kautilya, the great scholar
Cakravartinpowerful, renowned, emperor
CandidasaA fierce and devoted man
ChandrollasBeautiful individual and a wonderful person
ChitrabaahuOne who has beautiful hands
Cidakasauniversal soul
ChandruA person of ideas
CetramaState of awareness
CharyaA man of good character.
ChekitanaAn ally of Pandavas
ChunkyStrong; healthy; free from any disease
ChakrangBody of the chakra
ChandrakishoreA Moonstone; a gem
CitrakaPainter; an artist who is spealized in the art of painting p…
ChakradevLord vishnu
CarusirsaHis head is beautiful
CikitaOne who is experienced; has vast knowledge about various thi…
ChaantanuA loving and religious person
CandransuHe is like the beam of the moonlight
CarudattaHe who is born of beauty
ChandenA sandalwood
CharuchandraName of Krishna’s son; Moon faced
CitrasvaA horse that is painted with colours; a beautiful painted ho…
ChaarudattBorn of beauty
CaturangaA beautiful horse
ChandradityaMoonlit Night
ChandraprakaashMoon light
ChandranshuThe one who shines like the Moon
ChailishKing of Mountains
ChandraketuBanner of Moon
ChittaswarupThe Supreme Spirit, one of the Brahman aspects; also called…
ChitteshOne who rules the Mind or Soul
ChyavanaA saint in the Hindu mythology
ChakreshName of lord vishnu
CarumodaHe brings a pleasing joy to people
ChamaraHe who is expressive
CharuvindhaThe one who strives for beauty and perfecction
ChandramohanAttractive like the moon
CandrakinHe who wears the moon in his eyes
ChaaduryanA meticulous protector
CalaEver moving, another name for the supreme being
CekitanaAn Intelligent person who follows Lord Shiva
CandrakaOne with a red mark on the forhead
ChandreshPrince of Moon
Citrabhutapainted, decorated
ChadrashekharCrown or crest
ChahelCheerful person spreading laughter
CetramaOne who is aware of his surroundings
CakradrsaA Boy with round eyes
Cailraabsorbed in pleasure, as pleasant as the spring
CaruvindaA man who strives for beauty
ChandrakaA lunar God
CharanFeet; structure for locomotion
CharnjitOne who has won the world
Camuharareceptacle and vessel
CakrinA man with a Discus
CamikaraA golden Boy
CharansevA servant of God’s feet; natural leaders
ChikkuSweet; fruit
ChandanSandalwood; scented wood
ChandraprakaashThe limelight
Cediintelligent, pleasant, likeable
CekitanaAnother name of Lord Shiva who is intelligent and majestic
ChandarmouliName of Lord Shiva
ChanaakyaGreat scholar
ChandramohanThe one who is majestic as the Moon
ChirayusThe immortal being
ChulbulMischievous; naughty; someone who is bubbly by nature
CarimanA beauty in the moving
CheranThe Chera King, From the Chera (currently Kerala) country
CakoraA shinning and content one
CamarajaHe leads the army
CaturaA skillful, clever and charming Boy
ChandanshuThe fierce Sun
ChanderjotWinner of the Moon; peaceful nature
ChiranjivLong-lived man
CitrabanaOne who owns arrows of different colours and varieties
ChadaA refined diplomat
Chander moonThe Moon
CholaiyarasanKing of the Gardens
CittayuOne who is the son of the heart; one who is sensitive, and t…