Baby Names Beginning With W

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WADEUnited KingdomWanderers.
WalkerUnited KingdomPeople walking in the woods.
WalterOld Germany, FranceRefers to those who lead the army, or powerful fighters.
WardUnited KingdomDefend, protector.
WardellUnited KingdomGuard the mountain.
WarnerGermanyPeople who resist aggression.
WayneUnited KingdomThe man who built the carriage, the four-wheeled carriage.
WebbUnited KingdomWeaver.
WebsterUnited KingdomWeaver.
WernerGermanyDefend the country and state, defend against invaders.
WillFranceA strong fighter or protector.
WilburUnited KingdomThe city with many willow trees is brilliant.
WillardTeutonicBrave; hard
WilliamGermany, FranceA strong fighter or defender.
WillieGermanyA strong fighter or defender.
WinfredWellsWhite waves; peaceful friends.
WinstonUnited KingdomFrom the town or residence of a friend, stone.
WoodrowNorwayA person who lives in a hut.
WordsworthUnited KingdomPeople walking in the woods.
WrightUnited KingdomLumberjack.
WyattUnited KingdomBrave; hard
WytheFranceLittle soldier.