Baby Names Beginning With V

Baby Girl Names That Start With V, unique and popular baby girl names starting with the letter V, The letter V is one of the least selected beginning letters for boy names, Christian names starting with the alphabet “V”. Names of Christian origin and baby names shortlisted from Christian holy books which starts with V, meaningful yet modern name starting with V letter for your new born child from the latest 2021 name list of unique and cute baby names.

VALENTINEHealthy people or strong people.
ValentineValuable and strong.
VicVictor, conqueror.
VictorVictor, conqueror.
VirgilIn spring, living things are thriving.
VitoVery lively and vigorous person.
VaagaiName of a Beautiful Flower
VaagdeviThe Goddess of learning.
VaagiswariA name of Goddess Saraswati.
VaahilaName Of Air
VaalakyName of one of the Kauravas.
VaanadhiMilky Way
VaanavanFrom the Sky, Godly
VaanMuhilanFrom the Clouds, In the color of the Clouds
VaanyaName of the Hindu deity of forests.
VaarahiOne who rides on varaah. Also, one of the matrikas. A group…
VaasanthiName of the spring goddess.
VaathavegaName of one of the Kauravas.
VachanSpeech or promise
VachaspatiLord of speech
VachasyaOne who is well spoken of, or celebrated
VaalakyName of one of the Kauravas.
VaathavegaName of one of the Kauravas.
VachanSpeech or promise
VachaspatiLord of speech
VachasyaOne who is well spoken of, or celebrated
VachelFrench – Calf; Small Cow; A variant transcription is Vache
VadinKnown Lecturer; Speaker; A variant of Vachan
VadishLord of the body
VadivelOne of the names of Lord Murugan.
VagadheekshaThe lord of spokesmen
VagindraLord of speech
VagishVagish is a name of Lord Brahma. It means God of speech.
VagnA carriage in Icelandic language.
VahaAn open sea.
VaharThe season spring.
VahidSingle or one
VaibhavOne who is fortunate, prosperous and intelligent.
VaibudhBelonging to the Gods, divine
VaidyanaathMaster of medicines
ValdimarRuler of the ocean.
ValentimBrazilian variant of Valentine, meaning strong and healthy.
ValentinStrength or Health
ValentinoBrave or strong.
ValeraBrave and valiant.
ValeriGeorgian form of Valerius It means to be strong
ValerijsOne who is brave and valiant.
ValeriuRomanian form of Valerius, meaning to be healthy, to be strong.
ValeryStrength or Health
ValiPet form of Valeriu, meaning to be healthy and strong.
ValiantA valiant and high spirited man
ValinMonkey King; Mighty Soldier; A variant of name Balin
ValintinianuSicilian form of Valentinianus, meaning strong.
ValkoDerived from Bulgarian valk, meaning wolf.
ValloisA Welshman
ValterEstonian form of Walter. It means ruler of the army.
ValtersTo rule, army or warrior.
VanVariation of Vance which means Marsh
VanceVariation of Vance which means Marsh
VanjaCroatian form of John, meaning God is gracious.
VankoGod’s gift
VannakHe who has class.
VanrajKing of the forest, lion