Baby Names Beginning With S

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SAMHebrewThe name of God.
SamuelHebrewThe name of God.
SampsonHebrewHigh intelligence and power, solar.
SandyLatinDefender of mankind.
SaxonUnited KingdomSword bearers who conquer others.
ScottUnited KingdomScots, Irish.
SeanIrelandGod’s merciful gift.
SebastianGreeceRespected and solemn.
SidUnited KingdomFrom Sidon City of Finiki.
SidneyUnited KingdomFrom Sidon City of Finiki.
SimonHebrewLingde, with a flat nose.
SilvesterLatinFrom the forest.
SolomonHebrewPeace, peace.
SpencerUnited KingdomShopkeeper; governor, administrator.
StanUnited KingdomGrassland, pasture.
StanleyUnited KingdomGrassland, pasture.
StanfordUnited KingdomJinbo from many rocks.
StevenLatin, GreeceCrown, corolla.
StevLatin, GreeceCrown, corolla.
StewardUnited KingdomThe caretaker or manager.