Baby Names Beginning with M

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MAGEEIrelandAn angry person.
MalcolmScotlandRefers to the preacher.
MandelGermanyRefers to people with almond eyes.
MarcusRomeRefers to someone who is aggressive.
MarkLatinRefers to someone who is aggressive.
MarlonFranceRefers to someone who looks like a kitty or falcon.
MarshFranceFrom an area overgrown with trees.
MarshallUnited KingdomThe man who guards the horse, the follower of the king.
MartinLatinMilitant, martial.
MarvinUnited Kingdomfriend.
MattHebrewA gift from God.
MatthewHebrewA gift from God.
MauriceLatinDark-skinned; Moorish.
MauroLatinWalk through the darkness.
MaxLatinthe greatest.
MaxwellUnited KingdomAn influential and respectable person.
MaximilianLatinthe greatest.
MeredithWellsProtector of the sea.
MerleFranceA thrush bird; the French use this name to refer to those who love to sing or whistle.
MerlinUnited KingdomA fortress by the sea or a hill by the sea.
MichaelHebrewPeople like God.
MichellUnited KingdomJust like God’s labor and nobility.
MickHebrewPeople like God.
MikeHebrewPeople like God.
MilesGermany, Latin, GreeceWarrior; grindstone; benevolent.
MilanCzech RepublicDear.
MiloLatinThe man who raised the townspeople; a fighter.
MonroeCelticRed swamp.
MontagueLatinThe mountain of precipice.
MontyFrancePointy mountain.
MooreFranceDark and handsome appearance.
MorganWellsRefers to people who live by the sea.
MortonUnited KingdomFrom a village in the wilderness.
MortimerFrancePeople living by the quiet lake.
MortonUnited KingdomFrom a village in the wilderness.
MosesHebrewA person who rescues people from the sea; a child.
MurphyIrelandRefers to the person who defends Haiqiang.
MyronGreeceAromatic; sweet, aromatic.