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Baby Names Beginning with L

English names beginning with L_English names beginning with L boy and girl, female English names: letter L. English names beginning with letter L, nice girl names beginning with L, English names beginning with L_boys and girls English names beginning with L, boys and girls

LAMBERTGermanyThe wise healer; bright.
LanceFranceLand; people waiting for others.
LeifNorwayPopular lover.
LenTeutonicStrong lion.
LennonIrelandA very thin person in a hat and cloak.
LeoGreeceLion; Warrior.
LeonardTeutonicStrong as a lion.
LesCelticFrom the ancient fortress.
LesterUnited KingdomCamp; a prominent person.
LeviHebrewAre uniting together.
LewisFranceVery famous on the battlefield.
LiamTeutonicHelmet; desire.
LionelFranceLike a lion.
LouFranceVery famous on the battlefield.
LouisFranceVery famous on the battlefield.
LucienLatinLight, truth.
LutherGermanyOutstanding fighter.
LyleFrancePeople on the island.
LyndonTeutonicLive in a place with linden trees.
LynnUnited KingdomThose who live by the lake.

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