Baby Names Beginning with J

English names starting with J, English names starting with j _ English names for boys and girls starting with j, boy and girl, take stock of the good English names with the beginning of J, and there is a combination of wealth and beauty!

JACKHebrewGod’s merciful gift.
JacobHebrewSubstitution; follower.
JamesLatinReplace it.
JaredHebrewFamily background, descent, birth.
JasonGreecePeople who heal wounds; people with rich knowledge.
JayFranceThe beauty of the blue bird.
JafarArabWater flow.
JeffFranceHoly peace.
JeffreyFranceHoly peace.
JeremyHebrewThe sublime of God.
JeromeLatinHoly name.
JerryLatinHoly name.
JesseHebrewGod’s gift; God is in.
JimLatinReplace it.
JoHebrewGod will give it.
JoannesHebrewThe god of luck.
JohanHebrewThe god of luck.
JohnHebrewGod’s gracious grace.
JonasHebrewPeace Dove.
JonathanHebrewGod bestows.
JosephHebrewGod will give it again.
JoshuaHebrewSaved by God.
JuliusGreeceThe hair is soft and shaggy.
JulianGreeceSoft hair also represents young people.