Baby Names Beginning with E

E at the Name beginning, is blessed; meaning guardian of wealth. Although the name is not special, it is quite classic. From Edward Higgins White, the first American to walk in space, to the famous astronomer Edward Charles Pickering, you can find many famous names with Edward’s traces, so if you If you are troubled by choosing a name, you might as well consider Edward. Maybe you are the next celebrity with Edward!

EarlUnited KingdomA noble leader with keen intelligence.
EdUnited KingdomA wealthy guardian.
EdenHebrewGarden of Eden, light and happiness.
EdisonUnited KingdomPeople who enrich themselves by taking care of others.
EdmundUnited KingdomThe rich protector.
EdricUnited KingdomBlessed; ruler.
EdwardUnited KingdomA wealthy property guardian.
EdwiinUnited KingdomA rich friend; a gainer of property.
EdgarUnited KingdomHappy fighter.
EgbertTeutonicVery talented and distinguished.
EldredUnited KingdomNoble consultation.
EliHebrewGreat and outstanding.
ElijahHebrewJehovah is God.
ElliotFrance, HebrewPeople who devoutly believe in God.
EllisHebrewGod is the savior.
ElmoTeutonicHelmet; protection
ElmerUnited KingdomNoble or famous.
ElroyLatinThe royal family, the king.
EltonUnited KingdomOn the old farm.
ElvisTeutonicNoble; friend.
ElwinTeutonicNoble friends.
EmmanuelHebrewGod is with us.
EnochGreece, HebrewFollower; pious.
ErnestGermanyAn enthusiastic, true, or sincere person.
EugeneGreece, LatinHave noble blood.
EvanCelticA person of famous origin.
EverleyUnited KingdomRefers to the field where wild boars fight.