Baby Names Beginning with C

[The beginning of C] The famous British King Charles I in history. In addition to its masculine meaning, the name Charles I also gives people a majestic feeling. It represents the king or the president. If you want a more intimate name, Maybe you can consider Charlie or Chunk, which gives people a more friendly and simple feeling.

CADEUnited KingdomStrong; determined
CaesarLatinThe emperor; furry.
CameronScotlandCrooked nose.
CareyWellsPeople living in the old castle.
CarlGermanyA great person; a man.
CarltonUnited Kingdomsettle down
CarrNorwayPeople who live in the swamp.
CarterUnited KingdomThe man in the carriage.
CashLatinVanity lovers, cash.
CecilLatinVision is hazy.
CedricCelticWar commander; generous.
ChadUnited KingdomExperienced fighter.
ChanceUnited Kingdomopportunity.
ChapmanUnited KingdomMerchant; hawker.
CharlesLatin-TeutonicStrong, masculine, noble heart, strong.
CharlieGermany, United Kingdomstrong.
ChaselAncient francehunter.
ChesterRomeSmall town
ChristianGreeceFollowers of Christ, believers.
ChristopherGreeceA messenger or servant of Christ means a Christian.
ClarenceLatinClear-headed; clever; famous.
ClarkLatin and BritainA scholar.
ClayUnited Kingdomsoil.
ClementLatinKind and kind person.
ClevelandUnited KingdomPeople from the rock area.
CliffUnited KingdomPeople from steep mountains.
CliffordUnited KingdomNear the fork of the cliff, the fort.
ClydeWellsYou can hear it from far away.
ColbertUnited Kingdomcrew.
ColbyNorwayPeople from dark areas.
ColinGailChild or baby.
ColtonUnited KingdomCoal City.
ConradTeutonicHelper, smart; person who guides.
CoreyScotlandPeople living by the lake.
CorneliusLatinHorn of the Sun; Kingship
CornellFranceMan with blonde hair.
CraigCelticPeople who live on cliffs.