Baby girl names with meanings U – Z

Ula Teunic person who has ancestral property and can manage

Una Gael, British, Latin, one person, the only one

Ursula Latin, brown hair, fearless man

Valentina Latin Healthy, strong

Valerie Latin. A strong man; a brave man.

Vanessa Greece Butterfly

Venus Greece, the goddess of love and beauty

Verna Greece Spring beauty; endows beautiful appearance

Veromca Greece winner

Veronica Greece, who brings vicry message

Vicria Latin Vicry

Vicky latin vicry

Viola Latin, a purple orchid

Violet Scotland, Italy Violet; modest

Virginia Latin Spring; Thriving

Vita Spain refers the kind of woman whose life force flows through all living things

Vivien France active

Wallis Scotland Stranger

Wanda Teunic tree trunk; wanderer

Wendy Teunic girl with adventurous spirit; with white eyebrows

Winifred Wells White waves; kind friends

Winni Wells White waves; kind friends

Xanthe Greece blonde hair

Xaviera Spain who owns new homes and are good at protecting new homes

Xenia Greece hospitality

Yedda, England, has a natural talent for singing

Yetta UK Generous Donor

Yvette French Archer or Archer

Yvonne French shooter

Zara Hebrew Dawn

Zenobia Latin, Greek Father’s glory; goddess of hunting

Zoe Greece Life

Zona Latin Dawn

Zora Slavic Dawn


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