Baby girl names with meaning G to K

Gabrielle Hebrew God is power

Gail UK happy; singing; canyon

Gemma Italian gems

Genevieve Gouwells, blond; Caucasian

Georgia Greece Farmer

Geraldine Germany strong spear

Gill Latin Girl

Gladys Princess of Wales

Gloria Latin

Grace England, France, Latin. Elegant.

Griselda Germany refers a woman who is extremely obedient and patient with her husband

Gustave Germany, Sweden War

Gwendolyn Celtic with white eyebrows

Hannah Hebrew elegant

Harriet French Housewife

Hazel British leader and commander

Hedda Germany fight or fight

Hedy Greece is sweet and admirable

Helen Greek, Latin rch; shiny

Heloise France sound; well-known on the battlefield

Hermosa Spain beautiful

Hilda Teunic battle; female warrior

Hilary latin happy

Honey United Kingdom

Hulda Teunic and elegant, deeply loved by the public

Ida Germany happy, hardworking, rich

Ina Latin Mother

Ingrid Scandinavia daughter; lovely person

Irene France, Latin Peace; Goddess of Peace

Iris Latin Goddess of Rainbow; Iris

Irma Latin, Teunic High status; noble

Isabel Hebrew God’s Oath

Ivy Greece Sacred food in Greek legend

Jacqueline France May God protect

Jamie Latin replaced

Jane Hebrew, France God is merciful; girl

Janet Hebrew, French girl, the gift of God

Janice Hebrew, French girl; God is merciful

Jean France God is merciful.

Jennifer England White wave; enchanted, coquettish, charming woman

Jenny Hebrew, French girl

Jessie Hebrew God’s grace; wealth

Jessica Hebrew God’s grace; wealth

Jill myth girl; lover

Jo Scotland Lovers

Joan France, mythology God’s merciful gift

Joanna Hebrew God’s merciful gift

Joanne Hebrew God’s merciful gift

Jocelyn Latin Pleasant; happy

Jodie Hebrew is very quiet; praise

Josephine Hebrew enhanced; prolific woman

Joy Latin

Joyce Latin Happy; joyous

Judith Hebrew praise; a quiet woman

Judy Hebrew praise

Julia Latina soft hair; young

Julie Greece has a soft and calm face

Juliet Latin, soft hair; young

June Latin June

Kama India God of Love

Karen Greece Purity

Katherine Greece pure

Kay British delighted

Kelly woman warrior

Kimberley, a man born on the Royal Meadow, England

Kitty Greece pure

Kristin Greece Follower and disciple of Christ


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