baby girl names and meanings Q-T

Queena British noble and ariscratic

Quintina Latin fifth child

Rachel Hebrew ewe or lamb; kind and polite

Rae Hebrew Ewe

Rebecca Spain trap, charming beauty, trap

Regina Latin Queen, queen; pure person

Renata Hebrew regenerated; renewed, resred

Renee French recycled

Rita Italian pearl; brave; honest

Riva France People on the embankment or by the river

Roberta Teunic brilliant reputation; brilliant

Rosalind latin blooming rose

Rose Latin rose, blooming; horse

Rosemary Latin A small drop of water in the sea; Tansy

Roxanne Persia, a prominent man, a talented man

Ruby France Ruby

Ruth Hebrew friendship; sympathy

Sabina Latina noble birth

Sally Hebrew Princess

Sabrina Latina People from the Border

Salome Hebrew peaceful and quiet

Samantha Alam, the one who listens attentively

Sandra Greece Defender of humanity

Sandy Greece Defender of Humanity

Sara Hebrew Princess

Sarah Hebrew Princess

Sebastiane Greece respected or respected

Sharon Gal, a beautiful princess; the plain

Sheila Ireland girl; young woman; blind

Sherry United Kingdom from the grass

Shirley UK from the grass

Sibyl Greek Prophet

Sigrid Scandinavia’s most beloved person; triumphant

Simona Hebrew was heard

Sophia Greece, the wise man

Spring United Kingdom Spring

Stacey Greece, the one who will cheer up again

Stella Spain Star

Stephanie Greece crown; wreath; sign of honor

Susan Hebrew a little lily

Susanna Hebrew Lily

Susie Hebrew Lily

Suzanne Hebrew a little lily

Sylvia Latin Forest Girl

Tabitha greek doe

Tammy Greece Helios

Teresa Portugal Good harvest? (Great nun)

Tess French Harvest

Thera Greek means wild girl

Theresa Greece Harvest

Tiffany French tulle; sacred

Tina Greece Petite and exquisite

bey Hebrew pigeon, beautiful, polite

Tracy France Market Path

Trista Latina Smile relieve the sad girl

Truda Teunic beloved girl


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