Baby Boy Names Starting With K

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KapinjalSon of Shevetketu Rishi in “Kadambari”
Khusmanawith a happy mind
KrithikShivas son murugas name
KashyapaA Sage; An ancient Saint
KunavaanOne with good qualities; A variant spelling is Gunavaan
KaushikAn epithet of vishwamitra
KadambiAn Indian Surname of Tamil Origin
KansariA surname originating from Northern India
KireetOne who is crowned; Royalty; From the royal family
Kumaraprince, youth, a son of bhavya
KavirThe sun
KaalkiOne of many names of Lord Narayana signifying him as protector of universe
KartavyaResponsible; Dutiful; Devoted; Obedient
KaivalyaPerfect isolation
Kakudminpeaked, mountain, humped
KaliappanDevottee of Goddess Kali; One who worships Goddess Kali
KanishkarGod’s Child; Youngest
KaveenBeautiful Poet; One who is talented in writing poems
Kevalaalone, absolute, pure
KhianKing of Terror; Ruler of Terror; Emperor
KailaashavaasiThe Resident of Kailaash
KalatapaswiA Man who Dedicated to Arts; A Connoisseur; Artistically talented
KushwahaDescendant from Kusha who was son of Lord Rama
KalaiarasanKing of Arts; One who is well versed in performing arts
KapileshLord of Monkeys; One of many names of Lord Hanuman
KirtikumarFamous; Celebrated; Renowned; Eminent; Distinct; Popular
Krsnadark blue, the 9th incarnation of visnu
KarthikA variant of Karthikeya – Hindu god of war
Kucandanathe fragrance of the earth
KumarpalA Jain King of Medieval Gujarat; Disciple of Hemchandra
KrishShortform of lord krishna
KamarajaKamaraja means Lord of Desire
KanisikKing; Ruler; Emperor; Leader; Chief
Kootharasanskilled in the arts
Ksitijathe horizon, son of the earth, another name for planet mars
KoushikIt means love
KaruppiaLord of Mercy; Lord Karuppasamy
KevalkishoreAbsolute; Supreme; Ultimate; Complete
KhsitijHorizon; Born of the earth
KaashinathIt is one of the names of Lord Shiva, as the one who resides on Mount Kaashi
KaartikSon of Lord Shiva; God of War representing light, strength
KalaiahLord of the Bull; One of the many names of Lord Shiva
KamaldeepLotus Lamp; Brilliant, Bright and Radiant light of Lotus
KambodA Raga
KanthLight; Brilliant; Radiant; Attractive
KasinathanLord of Kashi; One of many names of Lord Shiva
KiranrajKing of Sunlight; One who rules over the brightness of Sun
KirthikOne of many names of God Murugan; A star name
KonguVelkongu king
KailasFrom he silver mounain
KalpajBorn in Paradise; A Deva; Born in heaven; God
KankeyanBull; Lord of Bulls; One of many names of Lord Krishna
KarthikName of Hindu Month; A variant of Karthik
KarunCompassionate; Kind; Merciful Person; Benevolent; Generous
KathitWell Narrated; Well Recited and described
KhushpreetLoving and Delightful; One who loves happiness, delight
KrishankantaA variant name of Lord Krishna
KunalLotus; of gold; golden
KaashiDerived from Sanskrit word Kashi meaning Shining
KamleshKamlesh name means The Lord of Lotus, The one who perserves
KirisanthAffection or Love; Kind; Compassionate; Generous
KushSon of lord rama
KandhanCloud; Name of older son of Lord Shiva
KishlayNew and fresh Leaf; Lotus; Blooming and Gleaming Bud
KushankOne piece of grass; One who is happy and delighted
KasishLord shiva
KeshavLord Vishnu
KulbhooshanBrings honour to the Family; Brings pride to the clan or Kul
KailashAbode of lord shiva
KairavaKairava means Lotus
KalyonWelfare; Happiness; Benefit; Wellbeing of Others
Krpalakind, gentle
KadarPowerful; Mighty; Brave; Strong; Courageous
KanaguGold; Shining and lustrous
KarmanyaClever in Work; Dutiful; Devoted; Obedient
KaartikeySon of Lord Shiva In Hindu Mythology
KaanhaaA childhood name of Lord Krishna signifying his black skin
KarunaKindly; Compassionately; Mercifully; Benevolently
KamatUnrestrained; Uninhibited; Unrepressed; Uncontrolled
KamiyaWish; Desire; Long; Crave
Kantakathorn, another name for makara, the symbol of kama
KaumaaraBoy, Son; A variant of Kumar
KaunteyaSon of Kunti; One of many names of Arjuna
KriyavidhiMethod of doing; A rule of action; A law of deed
KundirStrong; Courageous; Mighty; Powerful
KailashnathLord shiva
KanteliIrresistible; Attractive; Good-looking; Enticing; Appealing
KarunyCompassionate; Kind; Merciful Person; Benevolent; Generous
KegayyanDescendant Of The Fiery One
KhushdilBlessed with happiness and prosperity
Kaitavagambler, deceitful
KalaiselvanOne who is blessed with the richness of artistic talent
KartikayName of older son of Lord Shiva
KarvannanOne of many names of Lord Krishna
KhairiyaCharitable; Good; Generous; Benevolent
KomyaQuick Thinker; Intelligent; Clever
KshitipalA King; Ruler; Emperor; Chief; Leader
Kuvaraastringent in flavour, fragrant
KanavA hindu sage
KalingaA Bird; One who knows the Arts and the Skills
KonarkThe Sun; Shining Sun; Bright and Brilliant like Sun
KalabhitImmortal; Long-lived; Eternal; One who can live forever
KamneevKamneev means Masterful Divinity
KanayahaOne of many childhood names of Lord Krishna
KarnadharaOne who Holds Others by the Ear; A Leader; Pilot
KasinPure; Shining; Appearing Like a Conqueror; Dweller of Kasi
KavachArmour; One of many names of Karna
KakdeLight; Brightness; Luminance; Radiance
KakudmanKakudman name means Possesor of the Peak, High
Karnavirawhose glory has come to be heard, a well known warrior
KashmirA pleasant and a cold place full of snow; Name of a state in India
KattiAn Indian Surname used in various cultures
Ketakaflag, gold ornament worn in the hair
KairavThe name means ‘white lotus’ in Sanskrit.
KanakrajOrigin of Everything; Lord of Everything
KiaanThe name has a Sanskrit origin meaning ‘Grace of God’.
KailasnathOne of many names Lord Shiva signifying his abode in the Mt Kailash
KasimaniPearl of Kasi; One of many names referring Lord Shiva
KathirRay; Abundant; Copious; Radiance; Brightness; Light
KhajithA variant of Khajit which means Conquering heaven
KinshukA Flower
KusumitBlossomed; Flowering; Blooming; Flourishing; Budding
KaaliyaA huge serpent
KapeeshwarLord of Monkeys; One of many names of Lord Hanuman
KashaakuThe Sun; Fire; Bright and Radiant Light
KripashankarOne who has blessing of Lord Shiva
KritagayaA Grateful Person; Thankful; Appreciative
KuladevaGod; Family God; God of the clan; God of the Kul
KaanishikIt is a variant of the name Kanishka. He was an ancient Indian King.
KantuLove; Mind; Heart; Find irresistible; Feeling
KabirGreat personality
KhemeraOne from Cambodia.
KokilNightingale; Cuckoo; One who can sing sweetly
KartikOne who gives happiness and courage to all
KarviraOleander tree; A good cow
KesanSon of Kesari; Offspring of Kesari; Descendant of Kesari
KritivarmaFriend of Lord Krishna; Companion of Lord Krishna
KaartikeyaSon of shiva
KamalvirKamalvir means Brave Lotus
KanaladiShining; Golden
KeganDescendant Of The Fiery One
KianThe unique name of Sanskrit origin means ‘grace of God’.
KasturirangaLord Ranganath; A fragrant flower
KesavOne of many names of Lord Vishnu
KanishkAn ancient king
KaamaariA Sanskrit name meaning Enemy of lust
KamalrajOne who possesses and owns the Lotus
KamauKamau means Silent Warrior
KiraatHunter; One who always searches or seeks something
KisanOne of many names of Lord Krishna; Farmer
KavishKing of poets; name of lord ganesh
KshatriyaRoyal Warrior; Soldier; Fighter; Defender
KumananName of a Charitable Prince
KashyapThe name is of Sanskrit origin, meaning ‘famous sage, wise’.
KalidassName of a Great Indian Poet ; One who serves Goddess Kali
KannanOne of many childhood names of Lord Krishna
Kapardishell, as white as a conch shell
KashtaHard Work; A unit of time in Sanskrit
KasirajLord of Kashi; One of many names of Lord Shiva
KrishanA variant name of Lord Krishna
KulinA Person Born in a Royal Family; Born in a good Clan
KarunThis traditional Sanskrit word means ‘compassion’, ‘mercy’, ‘tenderness’ and ‘gentleness’. The name also refers to ‘Supreme Being’.
KanagarajanOrigin of Everything; Lord of Everything
Kapilaksasun eyed, whose eyes glow, with piercing and bright eyes
KashmiriName of people of state Kashmir in India
KabeerA spiritual leader
KampanPoet who Composed Kamba Ramayanam
KanadName of an Ancient Hindu Rishi
KantravaOne who resembles a roaring animal
KaramdeepLamp of God’s Grace; Brilliance of God’s wonder and grace
KauravyaFather of Uloopi; A Naga king Father
KaranPure Soul
KamleshwarThe name means The Lotus Lord, Lord Vishnu
KaushaA variant of name Kaushal which means clever and resourceful
KavinHandsome; beautiful
KarthickA variant of Karthik; Name of older son of Lord Shiva
KefirKefir means Little Lion
KalingA Bird; One who knows the Arts and the Skills
KalpnathLord of Imagination; Lord of thoughtfulness
KamakodiThe God of Desire or Love; Lord of wishes and longings
KandaiahName of older son of Lord Shiva
KarnanduA variant of the name Karna
KheanA type of flute, panpipe.
KovendanKing; King of Kings or Emperor; Chief Leader; Ruler of all
KrithickName of Hindu Month; One of many names of Lord Muruga
Krtamukhaskilled, with a well made face
KullukaLand covered with High Mountains; Land of the Clan
KaalappanIt is a South Indian name that is used to imply, “The father of time”