Baby Boy Names Starting With J

Baby Names starting with J and meaning, Baby names beginning with J, Boy Names That Start With J, Girl Names That Start With J, Baby Names Starting with the Letter J, a common royal name used in Europe and the English .  find popular baby girl and baby boy names beginning with J.

JanishHe who is the mentor for his group
JairasSense of Victory; Feeling of being victorious
JaidevGod of victory
JaineelLord Shiva’s Cow
JaitraLeading to Victory; One who will lead us to success
JanakThe creator
JaneeshLord of the People; God of the People; Leader of the people
JaskiritPraises of the Lord; Glory of the God; Splendidness of Lord
JatakSon; Offspring; Descendant
JeevithLiving for Ever; Eternal; Immortal
JeevanbabuLife Giving; Life
JairajLord of victory
JainAncient Indian Religion
JapaapRemembering God Ceaselessly; One who remembers god always
JataparA person who has a smiling face and affectionate
JarynA cry of joy
JourdaineThey are inventive, ceative and reflective people
JacksenSon of the man who thinks the God is gracius
JankinathJanki’s Husband; One of many names of Lord Ram
JarredOne who carries a spear
JeevatmaA Jain Ascent; Soul; Life; Spirit of Life
JeshuaThe son of nun, successor of Noah
JesiahJehovah lives and exists
JeffreyDivinely peaceful
JoryaPowerful; Mighty; Brave; Strong; Courageous
JangWar; Battle
JatanOne who is nurturing
JoumanaThey are creative, brilliant and confident people
JanakFather of sita, creator
JandevLord of Men; God of Men; Leader of Men; Ruler of Men
JogenKing of the Universe; Supreme Being of the Universe
JeegarA variant of Jigar; Kind Hearted; Benevolent
JanikIt is a Hindu name that means, ‘God is gracious’
JodhBrave; Warrior; Mighty Fighter; Courageous Soldier
JaganarayanOne who rules the world
JagdeoGod of the World
JangbirBrave in the Battlefield; Courageous and Mighty Warrior
JaswanthIt is used to mean, ‘victorious one’
JaituWining; A variant of name Jaito; Name of a Saint
JanamitraFriend of Men; Companion of Men
JohnsonFrom John’s farm
JaivatBeing Victorious; Being Triumphant; Being successful
JaiwantVictory; Triumph; Success; To win
JalancalaWater Clad; A Spring; A Fountain
JasanpalProtector of the Renowned; Defender of God
JeevanshPart of Soul; Part of Life; Part of Heart
JaivalLife giving
JaskanwalGlory of Lotus; Fame of Lotus; Magnificence of Lotus
JerronMeaning same as Jerome
JnatriSuccessful Life; Victorious Life; Triumphant Life
JaikrishnaVictory of lord krishna
JaskaramGlorious Destiny; Magnificent and Splendid fortune
JasjinderGlory of God; Honour of God; Fame of God
JayveerVictorious Warrior; Triumphant and Mighty Winner
JobanwantFull of Charm; Full of Beauty; Embodiment of attractiveness
JaipalLord vishnu
JannaviSouth River; Another name of River Ganga
JarodThe beautiful flower of rose
Jyotsnesalord of moonlight, the moon
JaithraLord vishnu
JigyanshuEager to Know Something
JabarrOne who consoles others
Jyotiskaluminous, a luminous weapon of arjuna, intellect tree
JairamVictory of lord rama
JaroslavOne who is gloriously energetic
JerrisonBestowed as an independent given name; Mighty spearman
JawaharaJewel; Precious; Gem; Gemstone; Valuable; Priced
JaganbirThe worlds warrior, fighter
JodhaBrave; Warrior; Mighty Fighter; Courageous Soldier
JagachandraMoon of the universe
JavanilaSwift Wind; A Hurricane; Like a storm
JeganThe one who is fit and bold.
JimitTo win others Hearts; One who is pleasing, appealing and charming
JotishJotish means Astrologist
JagdeepLight of the universe
JetvaTo Be Gained; Earned
JhawarAn idealistic and desirable being
JagdishKing of the world
JaganmohanHe has the name of the Raga
JaishankaraVictorious Lord Shiva; Triumphant Lord Shiva
JyayasGreater; Stronger; Mightier; Powerful
JaisalFamous folk
Jalasandhaconfluence of waters
JanrajA Brave One who Remembers God; Ruler of People; King of People
JohnnyJohn means God is gracious and kind
JatinThe ancient Sanskrit name means ‘disciplined’, ‘someone with a matted lock’.
JaganEverything that existc in the universe
JagishLord of the Universe
JairajLord of victory
JasodaMother of Lord Krishna
JodariA surname from the Country of Iran
JaaiJaai signifies Victory
JavName of whole wheat
JithendraConqueror of Indra; Lord of Conquerors
JashanjeetCelebration of Victory; Rejoicing Success
JupinderOne who recites God’s Name
JupinderbirBrave and mighty warrior who recites God’s Name
JagannadharaoHe who is like Krishna
JaivahaCarrier of Victory; One who will lead to victory
JataciraWearing a Plait of Hair as a Garment
JasbirThe meaning of the name Jasbir is “A brave One who sings God’s praises”
JaswinOne who has won the heart of others
JacoboA person who believes in God’s portection and guidence
JanjeetVictory of the People; Triumph of People; Success of People
JaygopalVictorious; One of many names of Lord Krishna
JanavProtecting men
JaaijitJaaijit implies Victor
Jagatidharaearth-supporter, mountain
JindLife; Being; Living; Existence
JivaThis unique Sanskrit origin name means ‘healthy, alive or living’.
JainithinGift from God; Blessing of God; Present from God
JasodhraMother of Lord Buddha
JeshwanthFire god in india
JaganOne who is self-confident
JaromTo be happy and prosperous
JarumanA bishop of Mercia
Jnanesalord of knowledge
JaivardhanLord shiva
JavasOne who is fast
JugalaDuo; A Sanskrit name meaning two or Dual
JyosithOne of the many names of Lord Shiva
JannanishThe Father
JanpalFosterer of the People; Friend of the people
JeevothamBest Living; One blessed with Content and Happy Life
JaisukhaJoy of Winning; Joy of Success; Happiness from Victory
JeretBrave with the spear
JignaasInterest; Concern; Importance; Significance
JaneeshIt means ‘leader of the people’
JacolenHe who is a holder of the heel
JanmayBorn; New Born Child; A variant spelling is Janmeya
Jaspritadesiring fame
JabaarOne who consoles others
JamaunThe right hand of favor
Jitamanyuone who has subdued anger, another name for visnu
Judpraised. They understand others very well
JagroopImage of World
JameShort from James, means to heal
JayadbalName of Sahadev’s during hiding period in Indian Epic Mahabharta
Jaighosashout of the victory
JaninderGod; Supreme Being; Lord
JaladhijThe Moon
JerrishGod saint
JigneshIntellectual curiosity
JainamOne who is Victorious; One who is Triumphant
JaishishBest among the Victorious; Best of the triumphants
JavarayaGod of Death
JubinHonorable / righteous
JaspaalOne of many names of Lord Krishna
JagadeepLight of the world
JainilVictorious God Swami Narayan; Victory of Blue
JanahanSeetha’s Father in Ramayana
JarronHappy tears
JasjeevanLove with life; One who is dear and beloved to life
JudasTo praise
JugaadOne who is there since ages
JviteshGod; Supreme Being; Lord; Creator of life
JagMan of the world
JagadishLord of the universe
JarrottStrenght of the spear
JnanadirghaLife Giving; Life; Bringer of Life
Jnanaketuwith the marks of intelligence
Jokacompassion,reminisence, to be able ,to succeed
JagadevLord of the world
Jaleyuinhabitant of water, living in water
JaroslawFierce and glorious
JhanishGod’s Gracious Butterfly; Butterfly; God is merciful
JaswantVictorious (yashwant)
JayadityaVictorious sun
JotsaroopEmbodiment of Beauteous Light; Epithet of brightness
Jag JeevanLife of the world
Jalaviryapower of water, a son of bharata
JegathiswaranOne of many names of Lord Shiva as Supreme being of the World
JessupJehovah increases in amount or degree
JiwanpreetLove of Life; One who loves to live and Exist
JagajeetConquerer of the world
JapdheerSteadfast by Remembering God; One who remembers God
JasandeepLights of happiness
JasanmeetFriend of the Renowned