150 Cute Baby Names Beginning With C

If you have a last name that’s only one or two syllables, try to pick a first name from among the different baby boy names with three or more syllables. The same goes for long last names and short first names.
There are so many beautiful names that start with the letter C so we’ve compiled a list of baby boy names, names for girls and unisex names that all begin with C. This should make your search for the perfect name that much easier!

Boy Names Beginning With C

1. Cabe (Old French origin) meaning “rope-maker”.

2. Cadby (English origin) meaning “from the warrior’s settlement”.

3. Cade (English origin) meaning “stout” or “sturdy – a strong male name for a baby boy.

4. Cadell (Welsh origin) means “small battle” or “spirit of the battle”.

5. Caden (Arabic origin) from the word ‘kadin’ meaning “friend” or “companion”.

6. Caelen (Gaelic origin) means “victorious people”.

7. Cain (Hebrew origin) means “acquired” and is the name of the first son of Adam and Eve in the Bible.

8. Caleb (Hebrew origin) meaning “faithful, devotion, whole-hearted, bold and brave”.

9. Carlin (Irish origin) meaning “little champion” – one the perfect baby boy names for you very own little champion.

10. Carnell (English origin) a name given to the protector of a castle.

11. Cas (Dutch origin) means “imperial” – a strong and commanding name.

12. Casper (Scandinavian and Persian origin) meaning “bringer of treasure”.

13. Cavan (Irish and Gaelic origin) meaning “handsome” for your handsome baby boy.

14. Cayenne (French origin) meaning “hot spice” like the cayenne peppers we love in curries and sauces.

15. Cedar (American origin) is a nature name for a type of tree.

16. Cethin (Welsh origin) meaning “dusky” or “dark”.

17. Chad (Anglo-Saxon origin) meaning “protector” or “defender”.

18. Chalmar (Teutonic origin) means “Lord of the home”.

19. Chanan (Hebrew origin) meaning “cloud”.

20. Chase (Middle English origin) meaning “hunt” – a popular choice for American baby boy names.

21. Chaska (Native American origin) meaning “first-born son” – there could not be a more apt name for your first boy!

22. Chauncey (English origin) meaning “fortune”.

23. Chaviv (Hebrew origin) meaning “dearly loved”.

24. Che (Spanish origin) means “God will increase” or “God will add”.

25. Chester (English origin) meaning “a fortress” or “camp”.

26. Chiamaka (African origin) means “God is beautiful”.

27. Chidi (African origin) means “God exists”.

28. Cody (Irish origin) from the word ‘Odo’ meaning “wealthy”.

29. Cole (Cornish origin) meaning “coal-black” or “charcoal” – one of the baby boy names that is perfect to compliment dark features.

30. Colt (American origin) means “young horse” and is a beautiful baby name for a strong male figure.

31. Colton (English origin) means “from the coal or dark town” – mysterious and beautiful.

32. Conan (Irish origin) meaning “hound” or “wolf”.

33. Conor (Irish origin) means “lover of hounds”.

34. Corbin (English and French origin) meaning “little crow” or “raven”.

35. Cord (German origin) means “bold counsel”.

36. Cortez (Spanish and Portuguese origin) meaning “courteous” or “polite”.

37. Cosmo (English and Italian origin) means “decency” and “beauty” – the perfect baby name for a beautiful boy.

38. Crispin (Latin origin) meaning “curly-haired”.

39. Curt (Latin origin) meaning “courteous” or “courtly”.

40. Cyrus (Persian origin) means “of the sun”.

41. Cha A Desire

42. Chh Success; Name of Prince

43. Chi Man with Purpose

44. Cena Never give up

45. Chaz Free Man; Variant of Carl; Man;

46. Chet Camp of the Soldiers; Fort;

47. Chey God

48. Chha Nice; Beloved

49. Chit Heart; Mind

50. Cabir The Great; Powerful; Leader;

Girl Names That Start With C

1. Cailen (Old French and Greek origin) meaning “pure”.

2. Calista (Greek origin) means “beautiful”.

3. Calla (Greek origin) means “beauty”.

4. Callie (Greek origin) means “beautiful”.

5. Calliope (Greek origin) meaning “beautiful-voiced”.

6. Camila (Latin origin) meaning “free-born” or “noble”.

7. Camille (French origin) means “perfect” for your perfect baby girl.

8. Candace (Latin origin) meaning “Queen regent” or “royal woman” – a regal name for a baby girl.

9. Capri (Italian origin) means “island”.

10. Carissa (Greek origin) meaning “grace” or “beloved”.

11. Carla (Germanic origin) means “free woman” and “warrior” for a strong and powerful baby girl.

12. Carly (Old English origin) from the word ‘ceorl’ meaning “freeman”.

13. Carmel (Hebrew origin) means “God’s vineyard”.

14. Carmen (Latin origin) means “poem”.

15. Carrie (American origin) means “free”.

16. Carys (Welsh name) from the word ‘caru’ meaning “to love”.

17. Cataleya (South American origin) the name of a tropical orchid.

18. Cath (Greek origin) meaning “pure”.

19. Cattleya (English origin) means “beautiful person”.

20. Caylee (Irish origin) means “slim and fair”.

21. Cecilia (Latin origin) meaning “blind to one’s own beauty”.

22. Celeste (Latin origin) from the Latin word ‘caelestis’ meaning “heavenly” or “celestial”.

23. Celine (French origin) means “heavenly”.

24. Chana (Hebrew origin) means “gracious”.

25. Chane (French origin) meaning “oak-hearted”.

26. Charity (French origin) meaning “Christian love”.

27. Chevelle (Hebrew origin) means “my God is a vow”.

28. Ciara (Irish origin) meaning “dark-haired”.

29. Cielo (Spanish origin) means “sky”.

30. Cindy (Latin origin) from the name Lucinda meaning “light”.

31. Clara (Latin origin) means “clear, bright, famous”.

32. Clarrisa (German origin) also meaning “clear, bright, famous” for a longer version of the name.

33. Clementine (English origin) means “gentle, merciful”.

34. Cleo (Greek origin) means “pride” or “glory” – valued qualities for a new baby girl.

35. Colette (French origin) means “victory of the people”.

36. Constance (Latin origin) meaning “constant”.

37. Cora (Greek origin) means “maiden”.

38. Coraline (American origin) meaning “heart”.

39. Cordelia (Unknown origin) suspected to be associated with the Latin word ‘cor’ meaning “heart”.

40. Corinne (Greek origin) meaning “beautiful maiden” for a gorgeous little girl.

41. Chan A Clan name; Moon; Monday;

42. Chea Healthy; Well-being;

43. Chen Morning; Break of the Day;

44. Cinu Beautiful; Love

45. Cammy Young Girls who Assisted at Pagan

46. Carma Garden or Field of Fruits; Song;

47. Chaah Love; Wish

48. Chagu Smart

49. Chaha Desire; Wish; Love

50. Chaku Sweet; Cute

Unisex Names That Start With C

1. Cace (Irish origin) meaning “observant”, “alert” or “vigorous”.

2.Cadence (English origin) means “rhythm, flow”.

3. Cadyn (American origin) means “fighter” for a resilient child.

4. Cael (Gaelic origin) from the Gaelic word ‘caol’ meaning “slender”.

5. Cage (Anglo-Saxon origin) an occupational name for a prison guard or jailer.

6. Cahya (Indonesian origin) meaning “the light” – a symbol of joy and happiness.

7. Cai (Welsh origin) meaning “rejoice” or from the Chinese origin meaning “colourful” – either meaning is beautiful and sentimental.

8. Cal (Hebrew origin) meaning “devotion”.

9. Caley (Irish origin) meaning “slim” or “slender”.

10. Callahan (Irish origin) meaning “lover of churches”.

11. Calypso (Greek origin) from the word ‘kalypso’ meaning “she who conceals” which derives from ‘kalypto’ meaning “to cover or conceal”.

12. Camden (Gaelic origin) means “from the crooked valley”.

13. Cameo (Greek origin) means “shadow portrait” – a mystical and gorgeous name for a gorgeous baby boy or girl.

14. Cameron (Scottish origin) means “crooked river”.

15. Canan (Turkish origin) meaning “beloved” – the perfect of baby names for a child who will be cherished.

16. Cande (Latin origin) derives from the Latin ‘candela’ meaning “feast of candles and twine”.

17. Carey (Celtic origin) derived from the Irish word ‘ciar’ meaning “dark”.

18. Carni (Hebrew origin) meaning “my horn” or from the Welsh word ‘karn’ meaning “pile of stones” and denotes a memorial or shrine.

19. Carrington (Old English origin) means “settlement”.

20. Carter (English origin) an occupational name given to a cart driver.

21. Casey (Irish origin) meaning “watchful” or “vigilant”.

22. Cassidy (Irish origin) from the word ‘caiside’ meaning “clever” or “curly-haired”.

23. Ceallach (Irish origin) meaning “bright-headed”.

24. Cerys (Welsh origin) a Welsh name that comes from the word ‘caru’ meaning “love”.

25. Chakra (Sanskrit origin) meaning “wheel” or “circle”.

26. Chance (English origin) meaning “good luck” or “fortune”.

27. Chandler (English origin) and occupational name for the maker of candles and made popular by the American sitcom Friends.

28. Chandra (Sanskrit origin) meaning “moon” or “shining”.

29. Channing (English and Old French origin) means “young wolf” and made popular by the hunky actor Channing Tatum.

30. Chiko (Japanese origin) means “arrow” or “pledge” – a name that connotes loyalty and importance.

31. Clark (Latin origin) meaning “scribe” or “secretary”; referring to someone who is educated.

32. Colby (Old Norse origin) meaning “swarthy person’s settlement”.

33. Collins (Irish origin) meaning “holly”.

34. Columba (Latin origin) meaning “dove” – a beautiful baby name and a symbol of peace.

35. Connelly (Irish origin) means “love and friendship”. Particularly popular since the hit sensation TV show Normal People.

36. Corin (Irish origin) meaning “spear-bearer” – a strong name for a powerful baby.

37. Cory (English origin) meaning “from the round hill” or “seething pool”. A good nature name for a baby boy or girl.

38. Courtney (French origin) an aristocratic name meaning “from the court” – now associated as a female name but originally was a renowned unisex name.

39. Cyan (American origin) meaning a “light blue-green” – a beautiful colour for a beautiful baby boy or girl.

40. Cydney (Old English origin) meaning “wide island”.

41. Chala Earth

42. Chand The Shining Moon

43. Chane Name of a God; Dependability

44. Chara Quiet and Frisky; Option;

45. Chavi Reflection; Daughter; Radiance

46. Ceeven The name came to a Guy from Dream

47. Ceyone Rising Sun

48. Chahat Desire; Wish; Love; Affection

49. Chahel Good Cheer

50. Chahil The Beloved One; Loving